Dead Island Riptide Update ?


Can I download a patch for this game ?

Got to chapter five and the Xbox will freeze soon after you kill the last Zombie in the old church , it's the first wave of Zombie that a attack from the front of church I say another wave will hit the church at the rear of the church but have not got that far yet . It's a great game to this point ! 


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What worked for me was changing the Xbox audio setting from 5.1 to stereo.

Thanks ! Epic Louie , I will give that a go Cheers Jack

No didn't work so reset the Xbox ,still not a go ,it is a bloody good game up this point . I think I will go back to PC as you just download patch and it work Cheers

[quote user="Jacknzone59"] I think I will go back to PC as you just download patch and it work Cheers[/quote]Oh if only it worked like that all the time.

Gotta disagree on it being a good game, preferred the original.

Yes K1NG the original was a very good game .

voteDC Patch for PC game have work fine for me in the pass I've had no trouble with them and my Xbox is normally off line

Now I have got pass the freezing trouble with this game , don't know if the Xbox got an update but this is what I did different  after trying for I don't know how many times to get pass this stage .

Put the wire fence up once at the start of the level when you hear someone say put Barricades up as the first wave of Zombies are attacking from the front do not put them up as the game will freeze , when they attack again from the rear of the church you hear someone say put the barricade up don’t as before the game will freeze .