Dead Island pre-order content

Does anyone know what content you get for pre-ordering Dead Island? Or if it differs from different stores I had it preordered from Hastings but I know that the Gamestop here is having a Midnight release for the game so im probably cancelling and pre-ordering there so I can pick it up on midnight day of release. But I couldn't remember if different places got different pre order content.


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I dont think it differs, im getting a t-shirt and the BloodBath DLC, which im guessing is Horder-esque.

Sweet! Hopefully mine comes with a t-shirt like the one I got for pre-ordering L4D2 :D

Ill probably go on down to Gamestop tomorrow and place it.

I was just planning on finding out what content I get when I go there to pick up my pre-order. Good to know I'm getting a T-shirt though. I think more games should give out T-shirts

Hmm what are the chances of the shirt actually  fitting my fat viking @@@ ? oh well it will make a nice shop rag.

I don't like it when games give out T-shirts because it's something i never wear.  Why does it always have to be a t-shirt?  What about a nice casual shirt?

I guess I'd prefer in game content though since it will get used I gather.  I'll be getting it from Amazon if I do pre-order it which gives you the bloodbath DLC whatever that is.  I'm not sure about this game.

The T shirts I'd never wear in public but i wear them if lounging around the house. Though I only have a halo 3 shirt and the catherine one.

Thanks for the info.  I was thinking about this today.  As stated above, I would rather have in game content.

game stop also is giving an ingame wepon (a baseball bat with a blade and a moter attached to it) i have yet to hear about this shirt and I preordered it months ago... what store is doing the shirt?

Duuuude I want my shirt naaaaaoooooo!