Dead Island hand-on preview

Source.  Although the previewer has some unflattering things to say, most of them are pretty minor in my book.  This will be a day one purchase for me.  Does anyone know any links that discuss the classes in depth?  I've read a little bit, but not enough to my satisfaction.


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Not really into zombie game that much, except the RE series.  I like the open world with RPG elements though.

...What can I say...

[quote user="CrazyMvM94"]

...What can I say...

[/quote]Most likely something about how the girl you have been following photographs really well in the sunlight.



Anyway, I already have this game paid off. I don't care what anyone has to say about it. I'm hyped.


I am so ready for this game!

Dead Island Co-op Trailer Wants You To Believe There's Safety In Numbers.



Looking good.  Getting close now.  I'm going back to my home state to visit my parents over Labor Day weekend.  I took a extra couple of days off work do whatever where I live, after I get back.  One of those days off happens to be when this game comes out.  Yeah, take a guess what I'll probably be doing lol.  I live in Denver, CO.  Does anyone know if midnight releases are happening around the country?  Normally I can't do a midnight release, but I think I'll be all about this one.  Is anyone out there going to get it at midnight if that's an option?


[quote user="CrazyMvM94"]

...What can I say...

[/quote]You're crossing the line of funny meme to annoying meme.


Not very impressed so far but i think co op wouldbe decent