dead island demo

has anyone any idea if the developers behind dead island are releasing a playable demo? i just want to play the game sooooo bad.


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hope so game looks good but if there is a demo it will probably get released after the game has been out a while

The game is still a ways out. If there is a demo, it won't even be announced for quite a while. There are plenty of other games to hold you over until then.

If they do the U.K. probably wont get it!!???!?!?!?!?

why do u think that?????

i hope they have a demo that come out like a week be4 release.  i pre order the game n i got it for pretty much free..n i dont gotta pay tax..Dead island is gona be bamf supa saiyan times 11 lol..

Here is a preview posted courtesy of DeBLAIN on the UK forums, not sounding too promising........

I played through the intro level and about half of the first level.  Dead Island reminds me a 1st person Dead Rising, but slightly less polished.  That pretty much sums it up.

The hand to hand combat is honestly pretty lame, no cool gore effects (well, a little blood and stuff, but not what you'd expect).  The main gameplay is searching for loot, doing quests, and equipping yourself.  It really does play like a 1st person Dead Rising the way you find items and do quests, find survivors, etc.  But not nearly as many zombies to fight.

The nice part about it is the rpg element, leveling up your skills (such as do more damage with blunt weapons, etc) and the amount of weapons you can hold is pretty cool.  (only 2 weapons to start + your fists, as you level up you unlock more weapon slots, similar to Obilivion with the shortcut wheel.)  

I didn't get a chance to try multiplayer, but that may add quite a bit of fun.  There is no split-screen of any kind, unfortunately.

For me, I'm not going to buy this, maybe used for under $20, but definitely not new.  

really looking forward to this game annoyed that warhammer is realised on the same day too )=

I am also looking forward to the game.  I would say the demo will be out about 2 weeks before release.

I just cant wait for the game to come out.

I would love a demo to come out tho, just to tide me over until its release.

i can imagine they will probably release the demo like a week or so before release... at least i hope so

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