Hi there, 
I popped in my black ops disc to play for a few minutes but as soon as I started up the game it disconnected me from XBOX live. As soon as I dashboarded it re-connected me. 

Did this about 5 times, same result each time... 

Is this an attack on XBOX live or individual users?


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Do you so happen to be with virgin media?

No, that is not my ISP

Ah...if it was that would explain why as virgin are having problems with black ops...

Try turning your xbox off and restarting your router see if that makes any difference

i will try restarting my xbox

No this is not an attack.

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Then how do you explain this problem? Multiple people are experiencing this as well.

multiple people 'experienced' an alien abduction, doesnt mean its real. deuces.

Have you reset your router/modem? Is your NAT open? Do some troubleshooting with your network or xbox first before jumping to conclusions that's all.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360