DBAH MW2/Borderland/others

Hello, this is nwafc. I'm starting a clan called DBAH (Don't Be A Hater). This clan may play Call of Duty:MW 2, Borderland, Halo Reach, Rock Band 2/3, Gutiar Hero, and many other games. If you want to play MW2, keep in mind that I play to play with a team who works well, and play a part to win. I'm looking for people who likes to play TDM Ground War, and CTF. We may play other modes if you want to. I will make a try-out for MW2 this week, and Halo next week. There is a age limlt is the COD/Halo part of the clan. The limlt is 13 years old. If you want to join, send me a message. Thanks for reading this long message (if you did), and have an nice day.

Also (if you still reading this, i'm looking for people who was in charge of other clans in the past. I may need some help. Send me a message if you want to help me with the clan.


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