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THE BETA.  DICE has learned quite a lot from it, stressed tested their servers, looked at some gameplay tweaks, and so on. Most of the issues in the beta have been before the game ships, however, a game usually has to be completed several weeks before ship date, in order to be certified by console manufacturers, and have sufficient time to be manufactured. This is usually referred to as “going gold”. But that doesn’t mean developers stop working on their products.

According to DICE’s Patrick Liu, Battlefield 3 will “probably” have a day-one patch, which will include feedback from the beta. Liu also pointed out that the beta is a real beta, and not a glorified demo as “betas” have become over the past few years. DICE has gotten a lot of feedback on Battlefield 3 gameplay, tested the servers and has received feedback on Battlelog as well (which has been updated during the beta).


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Don't most new games have day one patches and/or updates now. Seems like that everytime I play a brand new game. I almost expect that now.

I have said the same thing for weeks. Its a beta not the full the full game. People do not get what a beta is for. I bet they are putting out patches every day or 2 for the closed beta testing.100% of betas closed/open that i have done, the full game is close but a lot different in so many ways to the final game. They should never let the public play a beta. People  just do not under stand that it is a vary chopped up version of the game designed to test things. ALL games these days have a day one patch. Then 1 every month for 4-5 months.

A real Beta is usually put out with enough time to actually fix problems before the game goes Gold and ships......Is this what we are to come to expect?  Gaming companies releasing Beta without enough time to fix the problems prior to launch?  It seems to me that they have rushed this project to get it out before MW3.  Thank god for those that have patience to wait upon putting in their 60 dollar disc, deleting countless other games on their drive just to fit the unk. GB disc to improve the graphics, then installing said disc to HD, then waiting in queue for (how long) to download day one patch and then hopefully getting into a game right away.  Of course we all have seen the mayhem and frustration of playing any FPS on day one servers....except for Halo of course.

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