Day 1 DLC glitch - Hunter's Lodge and Curse of Silverpine

I have played up to the point in bowerstone industrial where i need to collect 100 guild seals. I use my code to get the Limited Edition DLC, i have all the items from the dlc except two. The only things im missing is the quest for hunters lodge and the curse of silverpine quest to get the legendary weapon. I am able to go to silverpine but i can't open the crypt. I also have not recieved the deed for the hunters lodge yet and i have progressed quite far in the story. Please help someone if you know how to fix this!!


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Did you meet with Page during The Bowerstone Resistance?

Did you attempt the Silverpines Curse at night?

I did meet with paige at the bowerstone resistance in the sewer. thats right before you"re told to gather 100 seals to get their support. i did not however try to open the crypt at night

also the silverpine curse quest is not in my quest list

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If I remember this quest correctly, the Crypt only opens when you've collected all of the dug up bones by finding all the places where ghost soldiers are digging. It's hard but there is always one people have problems with in the farthest corner of the map. I ended up looking it up online.

at the bottom it lists what you need and where to find it.