Dawnguard/Skyrim - do i still need the disc?

I dont have the Skyrim game anymore but have completed all the achievements on it and quests.

Can i still download and play Dawnguard without having the Skyrim game on disc??


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Unfortunately, to access the Dawnguard content you will still need a copy of Skyrim at hand. Dawnguard is simply an add on, or expansion to the original game featuring new quest lines set within the game itself, not a standalone title.

If you would like to access the Dawnguard content you will have to purchase another copy of the game and then purchase the DLC. I've seen a few deals around that include a bundle of the game and the microsoft points to buy Dawnguard from several retailers, so perhaps you could use them to your advantage!

On a side note, Dawnguard is a great expansion and I think you'll find it worth it if you decide to purchase a new copy of the game. It's a must have for any Elder Scrolls fan. :)


Gamestop is having a sale right now and Skyrim was one of the games. Don't know about the package.