Dawnguard--at what point do I choose Vampire vs. Vampire Hunter (spoilers?)

Basically, my question is in the subject line...like a newb, I forgot to save before starting this DLC, and I'm at the early point where I've freed Serena, and I don't want to be a vampire, I want to go the vampire hunter route.  I haven't missed the point where I choose to be a hunter, have I?  Any answer is appreciated!


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You have not.  Once you escort her home, you will have to make your decision.

It's when you  have to accept or turn down Lord Harkon's gift.

Thank y'all!  Positive gamer karma to ya!

You guys are correct.  You chose when the vampire boss asks you to make a decision.  I have a save just before this so I can go back and make the other choice to get all the achievements.  I have a question about this also.  I am at the point where me and serena are looking for her mother.  We have made it to the soue cairn I think it is called, and something happens when I try to go into it, serena tells me I have two choices let her make me a vampire, or let her soul capture me so I can go inside.  Which is the better choice?  I am currently doing the dawnguard quest and I am also trying to get the werewolf achievement for unlocking perks before I go back to the save I mentioned and do the vampire quest.  I also hate being a vampire due to the fact that I was one 90% of the time in oblivion and after a while it became a pain.  If I do for some reason let her turn me into a vampire, will this mess up the dawnguard quest?

Choose the soul thing, you can get it back before leaving the soul cairn.

sub zero i was wondering the same thing.  i just chose the soul trapped thing to take the easy way out because i didnt want it messing things up by turning into vamp mid dawnguard quest.  would like to hear somebody who has though!!

Yes pick soul trap as this doesn't mess your character up, and I've heard there is a bug that happen if you turn into a vampire when you go to cure yourself