Dawnguard Armor & Weapons

I really want to know were can I find some Dawnguard armor but if you know were i can find weapons as well that will be great. Thanks


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You can buy the heavy and light Dawnguard Armour from the smither bloke you recruit for the Dawnguard, the crossbow girl you recruit will sell all things crossbow.


You'll find a Dawnguard axe or two lying around the Fort as well as crossbows and some bolts, think there's a few pieces of Dawnguard Light Armour there too. Not sure if they sell the axes but like I said there's at least one free one in the fort and you come across a few more too.

Actually, if you just keep talking to Gunmar (the blacksmith) after you've completed his first sidequest he will give you a set of Dawnguard heavy armor minus the helmet.

Thanks for the help guys.

Also, after a while you will be sent to find a guy named Florentius Baenius. Once he is in the Dawnguard Fortress, he will send you on some quests to get some really awesome equipment. Won't say what, that would be a minor spoiler.

Could always try pickpocketing the other Dawnguards