Dawnguard And Skyrim Glitchs

Love skyrim elder scrolls V BUT their is a list of glitchs longer than my arms that needs attention. Downloading this new DLC seems to have *** my full skyrim game in other words it seems to have not only given me glitchs with the new DLC but has created new glitchs with the original game. Rather frustrating because I like this game and its hard to like something that will randomly crash and constantly **** you off. Hurry up with the patch Bethesda. 


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Did you have any problems with glitches before the DLC? I must just be lucky, because both Skyrim and the DLC are known for tons of Glitches but I have somehow avoided almost all of them. I really wish I knew what it was that made users experiences so different. We're all playing the same version on the same console.. it's crazy how the result could be so vastly different. Sorry you're having so many problems.

I started Dawnguard with my original character's game (since it contained my highest level). So, I do have many glitches that preceded the patches. I have several completed tasks that still show as incomplete in my task list. I can't buy the house in Windhelm. Sometimes my map pointer directs me to inappropriate locations when I select a task. BUT, the good news is that Dawnguard is working fine and I've had no freezes or crashes so far.