dated graphics

ive just watched the video in the thread hey guys and girls..dont you think the graphics look a little dated..more like nintendo 64..ish


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Uhhmm, nope... /end thread.

No, not at all. Find another games that runs better than Call of Duty both in fluidity and framerates. You won't find one.

You're probably a Battlefield troll and came here after watching one of the gameplays. News flash, that's PC and Battlefield 3 will not look near as close as good on consoles.

^ News flash. Black Ops not only fails in having solid / balanced gameplay. No matter how you look at it, the graphics are severely outdated. Not to mention multiple napalm strikes on the map drops the frame rates. Fan boys make me facepalm.

It uses the World at War engine.

It is outdated.

Nonetheless, it's still a decent game that I hate.

The graphics are fine, all your recent games use your "outdated" graphics so what the hell are you *** about? And I've never lagged with multiple napalm strikes on the map.

If you seriously think graphics make a good game you're *** stupid and should stop playing games. Go play your Crysis 2 or Bad Company 2 if you want your "good graphics" with lackluster gameplay, have fun. Don't come back here to *** or moan.

Implying that graphics make a game better or worse. laughinggirls.jpg