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I was 25% done with this game when my data disappeared. This is not an easy game and I am not about to replay it until they fix the issue. And the thing is this is happening on the PS3 also.


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I was 40% through, just deleted today after updating.. wtf is going on.

this also happened to me... 25% done and the data got deleted. anyway to fix this?!

There is another post already about this, but so far WB and Rocksteady haven't fixed the issue. They had a post on their website asking players that experienced the delete, to email them, post all their information about which Xbox, which software version, all sorts of other things, so that they can try to figure it out.

After I lost my save, I bought a USB stick and have been using it as a backup for my Batman games. I've been copying my save game to my USB stick as well as my 2nd xbox each time I finish playing (where I've made lots of progress). Not all games support copying, some only support "Move" but luckily Batman does.

Its not a perfect fix but it may save you some grief!

I just lost a 100% completion save file, I had just gottin the second achievement for the Nightwing DLC and was about to download the Robin DLC and bang the save was gone. Now I have to do everything all over again just to get the upgrades and challenge maps so I can play as Robin, absolute Bummer.


I was one achievement away from completing the main story (i think?) only to find last night that my save file no longer existed!  Lets just say I wasn't happy.  I thought it might of been something i'd done.  But to find that there's loads more having the same problem meaning it's a major glitch of somesort is not good.  There's no way i'm playing through it again only for the same thing to happen.  Nice one Rocksteady, you've ruined a great game for me.  Straight on eBay you go! :(

I've been playing the game for over 50 hours since launch and never encountered this error.

How do you guys exit the game when you're done playing? Do you return to the title screen and dashboard out or just turn off the console?

I've noticed the game saves quite frequently so it's not unlikely that if you just turn it off or dashboard ingame at the wrong time the save file corrupts.

Also why don't people make a backup save? I find it quite baffeling that some gamers are so naive and save everything on HDD without making a copy - expecially when the console supports USB sticks.

I am having this problem also and have lost 2 saves. I really don't want to start from the beginning again.

Does anyone have any save files they could share?

Try saving to the cloud if all else fails.