Dashboarding issue returned?

Afternoon folks.

Since the latest update the game has been running very well for me, well until today when it took me about 10 minutes to actually get the game to start, everytime I loaded the game up, I could see the title screen and then a few seconds later it throws me back to the dashboard, anyone else had issues today?

I've tried 2 other games and they were fine.



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Yea , I've noticed the same thing also.

If I play campaign, throws me to dashboard.

If I finish an online game, throws me to dashboard during the intermission.

Battlefield is such a good game ruined by EA being woeful.

I have had no luck playing a full game of Rush or Conquest without BF4 crashing back to the dashboard during multiplayer play.  It has actually gotten worst since the update on December 19, 2013 for me.  I have also lost all of my single player campaign.  It seems like the only game mode that crashes a little bit less is the Team Deathmatch.  I'm beginning to wonder if its BF4 or my XBOX ONE.