Dashboard offers - Why aren't they honored? Why was I lied to? I won't be using this service ever again.

After an unfruitful, 40 minute phone call with Xbox Support, I feel the need to vent.

So I bought Scott Pilgrim vs. The World through a dashboard offer and waited a whopping 10+ weeks for an e-mail giving me a "free" game Knives Chau  add-on. If not for the promotion I wouldn't have even bought the game, but I digress.

Here's the sequence of events as I remember them:

Initially, I'd overlooked the fine print and wasn't aware there was a staggering waiting period to receive the DLC. After calling Xbox Support I was told to call back in June if I hadn't received my token by then. So I diligently continue checking my e-mails (only receiving messages for MSP purchases)  until I decide enough time has elapsed and I call your support number on June, 13th. The Rep informed me that if a download token wasn't e-mailed to me by the 24th (i.e. ten weeks after the end of the promotional period), a support rep would add 160 MSP to my account if I call back. So I call again today and after more than half an hour (10 minutes of which was obnoxious Gold membership advert) I get to talk with a supervisor who informs me the best he can do is a phone call with a DLC code sometime in the near future. I ask him to pull up the transcript of my conversation with the guy from the 13th and, what do you know, the previous rep lied to me. Yep... the supervisor actually came right out and told me I'd been lied to.

Not to worry though! Now that I've 'escalated' my phone call (whatever that means) I should get a call back within 72 business hours giving me my code! ... or not. Apparently if you don't arbitrarily decide to call me my only remedy is to call in again and request another phone call.

... Wow... just wow.

Thank you, Microsoft. Thank you for not honoring your commitment and hiring Xbox support reps who lie to your customers.  I don't see myself ever taking advantage of a dashboard promotion ever again. Also, if an arcade game I'm interested winds up being a multi-console title, like Outland, I plan to purchase it on the PSN.

Thank you for your time.


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