Darksiders 2 the RPG

That's right people, well sort of.  It will basically be the like the first one, but with RPG elements.  There will be levels and stats, along with loot drops.  The armor and weapon drops will be immediately equipable.  Source. 


Watch the video from this page.  So what does everyone think?  Do you feel it's a good or bad direction for the series?  I personally think it's sick.  There aren't too many heavy action games with RPG elements.  It's usually one or the other.  It seems like it will have the core Darksiders' gameplay that made it so fun, mixed with RPG goodness.  A God of War/Ocarina of Time/an RPG, sounds good to me.




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Sounds good, I enjoyed the first game immensely,shame good games get over shadowed by done to death clones and trendy blockbuster titles.

The loot addition made me happy.

I read about this in GameInformer. Sounds like some good additions. Kind of sad I won't be playing as War this time around, though. I was looking forward to seeing what happens next after the ending of the first game.

[quote user="Sword StyIe"] I was looking forward to seeing what happens next after the ending of the first game.

[/quote]From what I've come to understand from my various skimming of articles, you pick up right where the game left off as Death.  I thought he goes there to help his brother with the ongoing conflict.  Am I totally mistaken on that?


No it doesn't pick up where the last game ended. Which sucks as the last games ending was perfect for a 4 player co-op set up.

This time around you play as Death and the story runs parallel to War's story. So it will most likely end just before or just after the end scene from the first.

Whether this means any future sequels will also run parallel to the story or will be true sequels is yet to be seen

Ah.  That's kind of lame.  I personally wouldn't want co-op, especially 4 player co-op.  That would make it feel way different from the first one.  I really liked all of the puzzle parts and the exploration.  Not sure how they could have that 4 player co-op and still maintain aspects from the first game.  There would always be one person rushing through the game or holding the team back from solving the puzzles.  

Hell i saw the gamplay and previews of Darksiders 2 and it caught my eye... Now i cant wait to buy Darksiders and play through the horseman's wrath and figure out how War proves his innocence...