Dark Souls II - use the D-pad...

Ran into a stopping point early on. Game asked for my name and after entering text I could not continue. Friend had same issue an figured it out. The A button doesn't enter/submit response, you have to use D-pad to make menu selection in order to proceed. Just wanted to share so others don't have same issue. Game looks really nice as well!

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How's the difficulty? Easier, the same or harder than the original?

Truth is I haven't played the first one or Demon Souls, so I can't judge on that really. I guessing it would be about the same. I'm still early on with the first parts, mainly the training portions.

Thanks for the heads up Paladin..@Defy-I would hope they would keep the same difficulty as that's what makes Dark Souls so unique..i love the fact i can get murdered continuously in places to eventually beat it and reap the rewards.

Looking forward to this game next week.  

Picking this up for PS3 and counting the days until release this week. Sounds like the difficulty is every bit as hard as Dark Souks... Looks like I will be breaking a few controllers shortly.

In Dark Souls 2 you can't really farm souls like you could in DS as enemies are finite, they only spawn so many times. Every souls you collect on this is valuable so must be used wisely. Also when your Hollow so gradually reduce health, you are punished for being rubbish and 'life' is more valuable. Great game though.

This is a good game, but it isn't as good as Dark Souls.

My main problem is that it simply isn't as tight or responsive, which is a massive pity. Combat is clunkier and less reliable... rolling is less effective and being hit by a weapon that clearly didn't hit you is far too common. Weapons' movesets are clunkier and rolling attacks/redirecting attacks simply fail far too often. In Dark Souls, it was extremely rare that a death was undeserved, and that was a brilliant factor. In Dark Souls II, it's just clunkier... slower and more awkward, and you definitely die when you shouldn't.

It goes on. It's a good game but there's no way it'll reach the same heights Dark Souls did without some serious changes.

Ouch, Bob, I'm glad you posted this. I feel an action sequel with weaker gameplay almost always equals a weaker game.