Dark Souls help!!!

Yeah wondering if anyone can help me with this. When I go to see my items I see this scratch on all of my items its on the use items its like I can use any items at all. Is this a curse did something happen I am so confused. Also my guy gets hit by this weird gold light it doesnt hurt my guy but it did it twice I am so confused whats going on? Why cant I use items in my inventory?


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With the gold light, did it sound like sitting at a bonfire?  After you kindle a bonfire, if someone else also kindles it, you can gain an extra estus drink from it, and it looks like a gold light hitting your character.


As for the items in your inventory, some items can't be used at certain times, and some can't be used at all.  Which items are giving you trouble?  All of them?  Can you use your estus flask?