Dark Souls has Possessed MY SOUL

I have every GOOD AAA new game out this season. AND DARK SOULS WONT LET ME PLAY THEM. Batman....he can wait.....skyrim.....Blah...can wait....COD.....Blah....BF3....NO TIME!!!! Saints Row 3.........YAWN...I'll get on it soon........UMVC.......soon....Rage.....Almost played last night....No matter what I do.....Dark souls appears in my disk tray!!!!!!!!!!


And GOD FORBID WHEN I BEAT IT.....................NG+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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LOL Know that situation all to well, been 80+ hours so far and still not done 1 play through, ok ive been doing alot of grinding and farting around doing sod all but even so its been awsome.

And isnt it great to have a game thats a challenge for once, rather then a first/third person shooter that lasts 6 hours and has no challenge, kind of reminds me of playing games back on the spectrum and C64.

Tho I might get Skyrim at some point now ive got the rpg bug (only once im done with Dark Souls fully) being that its on sale for £22 at the moment

^ It reminds me a lot of older games as well. It doesn't hold your hand and it actually feels good to get through a dungeon.

A friend of mine keeps bugging me to play COD with him but I keep telling him no because i want to play Dark Souls!!

Tell your friend to get Dark Souls instead, much better idea then playing CoD :)

if only there was an option to co-op the game with a mate from start then id of been so happy I might of just quit work to play it from the start in co-op mode ^^

He is not into those type of games, I wish he would get it because it would be awesome!

Same thing here. I used to play a huge variety of games, but after I got dark souls thats all I ever do with my free time. I haven't even beaten the game yet and I've made countless characters!

Hehe me to, made another new char earlier to try and take down 1st demon using the broken sword hilt, didnt go so well lol so went back to main char and been trying to farm 1mil souls got to 600k and now gona go progress story abit.

Oh and love the tag Isaac, isnt Dead Space just great and frikkin freaky :) has been the only game I play whilst on Dark Souls (to break up the daily grind) well apart from halo but thats for some co-op fun with a mate

Lol been playing 3-4 hours a day since release its great that a game like this has come along.

It's not a game......... it's a way of life

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