Dark Souls Games On Demand.

Hi just wondering if anyone knows when or if Dark Souls will be on Games On Demand. It is a pretty amazing game and I would like to see this on Games On Demand because i will be wanting to buy it (i bought a lot of msp). Thanks.


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Chances are not for a loooong time. Trends show that new games don't usually show up on games on Demand, excluding Cod Black Ops and Halo Reach, but even those took a few months. Your better off going to your local game store and buying a copy, because chances are you will be waiting for a whiiiiile. Even then that's if it ever comes out for Games on Demand.

Alright then cheers for that :) and yea i guess ill go have to buy it instead :/ now i got 6600 points to waste.

wow that IS a lot of points. You should buy anything by Double Fine or Twisted Pixel, and then grab Shadow Complex, Castle Crashers, Castlevania SOTN, Portal, Trials HD, Limbo, From Dust, Insanely Twisted Shadow planet, and some others. There are FANTASTIC games available for the XBLA, so check em out! The developers could use your love!

Games on demand dont us MS points either, they take credit cards :(

Try RE4.

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Games on demand dont us MS points either, they take credit cards :(


Press X on the payment screen and you can buy with MSP.

wow, thanks i did not know that

You could save them for the Skyrim DLC when they release

yeah i get lots of points ^_^ and cheers for the recommending games i already have Castle Crashers and played the trial for some like From Dust and Shadow Complex which i enjoyed but did not buy (Might buy them some other time) but i did buy Tekken 6 (i found this fun to pass the time) and Sacred 2 which i see no one ever plays so i guess it was a bad decision.

Also i have already beat Resident Evil 4 on ps2 and that was pretty fun so i might buy that soon.

I would it buy it if they release it on marketplace,