Dark souls buddy required

Hey guys excuse the rubbish title lol, Basically I am after some people to talk dark souls with, I am totally new to all this, Just want general chats, someone i can turn to for assistance with a boss etc, Plus i am having real difficulty with builds etc, I have just beaten the...big thing, the one before the drake near the start, it's on a bridge and takes up the whole thing lol, that took me a few tries, I then luckily got to summon someone to help me for a while then i was invaded and well...yeah it didn't go well lmao, so yeah if anyone fancies chatting about this amazing game, hook em up :D


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add me if you want i have 2 chars that can help with most fights that is if you want i also have a mic so i can help via private chat

I actually had quite a bit of fun being summoned and helping others....and getting invaded....just cant get into a solo playthrough again. Wat lvl ur character Rev?

You could add me if you like, even though I just finished my playthrough. Don't know if I'll play through again.

Well I guess you could always post your questions here. I don't really like talking through a mic but if you just ask something on this forum or in a private message, I'm sure people will help you out :).

i can't get on xbox live at the moment i am afraid guys, so prob best to ignore this post, stupid internet :P

woops, Meant to say "hook ME up" lol not them

You could add me if you want to. I could give you advice,and give you suggestions for character builds for pve and pvp.