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Sorry if this is in the wrong area its the first iv been on the forums in a while but if it is then cool

i was wondering if i could ask for a few people to just come and help me, im stuck on fighting ornstein and smough in anor londo, and iv got one humanity left as well so i thought id ask for help while i still can. im not sure how well the summoning of freinds still goes but im by the first bonfire you get to in anor londo, im level 53 and if anyone could help id be greatfull, if you want to add me my names DarkyWolfy, i have no idea if mics work or not to but if they do i have one at the ready just in case.

so please help thanks ^_^


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il be playing again at 6:00, if you could leave a message il get back to you and see if we can get a game

Focus on dragonslayer first and kill her while at the sametime always keeping the two in your sights.After she dies The big guy will beserk but he is ten times easier then when if Dragonslayer girl beserks.I hope that helps if you cant find someone.