Dark Souls 2 Servers Down??

Trying to play DS2 but it will only allow me to play in offline mode. It's says DS2 service is unavailable. Anyone else getting this message?  


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i was in then relogged and now i am getting this message 8[

Second day playing and still same problem.  DS2 in offline mode loses a Lot of its luster. This is why I usually don't buy games on launch day.

ya i still cant login..  i was in ! but i messed up my character and i relogged and then it told me to screw off..

is there anywhere to check up on this?

namco has stated on their twitter that its most likely a microsoft sided issue, their website also shows their servers as up and some players are still able to get on but its been several hours since anything has been said about it.

I cannot log on either. I played earlier in the day, but when I returned home at 8:00PM I could not get on.  None of my other friends seem to be having a problem. Namco/Bandai has only made mention of a PS3 problem and lists the 360 servers as functioning.  It was a chore to find anything on message boards about this issue. Even here on the Xbox forums, it took some doing to find this thread.

No problems for me.


could u link me please to where you are seeing these?

i was able to login for a couple hours but as soon as i logged off and to get back in i get the same error..

what is the deal 8[

No info on the server issues other than "We are looking into it.  For 3 days? Seriously?  Log in disconnected. Log in disconnected for 8+hrs then repeat.  How can Formsoftware and Live not be prepared for this lol.  Beta test and all.  Good job guys!

I have yet to get logged in. Offline only mode for me so far.