dark souls 2 elana the squalid queen

I need some help. I been trying to do this for 2 days now and im stuck. its really bugging me. I do fine until she summons velstadt. any chance of somebody coming to help me. gt is fitzgt. im level 158, sm is 2317873 on 1st playthrough. hopefully somebody will come help me


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Can't help you at the moment but having killed several times like that l, try keeping 1 skeleton alive and summon benhart to help you get most of the aggro. Get yourself a gyrm greatshield to block 100% of her fire attack and don't bother blocking her scythe just dodge it

Thanks for that. I've tried that but the npc always kills the last one and she keeps summoning velstadt which is my main problem. I seriously need help

Thanks for the offer dude. I did it 3 tries after you replied to this and I wiped the floor with sinh.

Pleasure helping :) the other dlc are pretty tough as well if you're going after them

I'll cross that bridge when I get to it lol. I bought all 3. Definately money well spent

Can't agree more with you and the other 2 dlc are absolutely gorgeous, challenging and easily have 10+ hours of gameplay each. They also add a little wink to dark souls 1 regarding the dlc, if you're into the lore of the games you'll like it

Any chance you wanna help me in cave of the dead?