Dark Sky Dragon's Souls?

Which game do you think is the best out of Dark Souls, Skyrim or Dragon's Dogma?

All three are good, Skyrim looks amazing, Dark Souls is challenging, Dragon's Dogma is a perfect blend of both Skyrim and Dark Souls with better combat than both, so for me it's the best.

What say you?

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Dark Souls. Skyrim is poo-poo.

Dragon's Dogma. It was simply the most fun. Skyrim lacked challenge, and DkS was a 2 steps forward one step back affair.

Skyrim is awesome sauce. Haven't played dark souls so cant judge on personal opinion. Tried dragons dogma on ps3 and it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Dragons Dogma is the only one I actually enjoy so I pick that.

Dragon's Dogma for both charm and overall atmosphere along with an excellent combat system and Dragons the way they were meant to be. I've soaked almost 800 hours in DD. By far one of the greatest Games this last gen.

Skyrim, is excellent on so many levels but then fails epically on so many others. Across 3 Characters I have around 600+ hours but the constant crashes/ lock-ups and glitched Quest drive its overall enjoyment way down. It just becomes an exercise in frustration after too long.

Can't say about the sequel to Dark Souls. I was bored to tears with the first in less than an hour or so.

All 3 are strong games, i can't pick which is the best since I haven't finished Dark souls yet, Only Demon Souls and I absolutely loved that one.

All are worthy titles

Skyrim. Dark Souls is poo-poo

I must admit I stopped playing Skyrim due to the constant crashes, but I still think it was an amazing game...