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Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me. -Darth Bane

Hello my name is Alex, the Dark Lord in the Dark Order of the Sith Clan. I was wondering if anyone reading this was interested in joining a clan that respects the virtues of maturity, activity, leadership and combat skills in that order of importance. We have grown fast. In two short weeks we have reached over 30 members this feat alone is immpressive but we plan to keep going forward. To join just contact DaBigestBob.

Our social ranking system goes as follows;

Sith Initiate
New to the site and new to the Sith Order. This is the official starting rank of the Sith.

Sith AcolyteThis is the next rank up and the rank the majority of new people will hold. Requirements of this rank is to post in the new to Sith thread.

Sith Warrior
 This is the next highest rank. It represents that you have been active and around for about 2 months. That you have contritubited to the forums and have at least recruited one member to the Sith Empire. These people tend to be very helpful around and might one day become the next highest rank.

Sith Apprentice
One step up from Acolyte but doesn't sound as good as Warrior but that is not the case. This rank represents that you have been around for about 5-7 months and been active. Contributed significately to the forums and has at least recruited from around 5-10 members. This members have potential to prosper and should be congratulated.

Sith Lord
This is a prestigous rank and marks that one has been inducted into the Dark Council. They assist in various descisions and participate in various discussions. They have been around and are distinguished members of the Order. This rank will be very hard to achieve.

Sith Inquistitor:
Just like Sith Lord this is a prestigous rank and there are no set requirements. They are one step higher than Sith Lords. The main difference is that they are global moderators of the Sith and make sure all the rules are followed.

Shadow Hand of the Empire
This is the highest rank that people can achieve without a major leadership change. It is highly unlikely that you will make this rank. This rank is for the Co-Leaders of the entire Sith they assist the Dark Lord in all matters. They also hold the highest military rank for the various branches.

Dark Lord of the Sith
The leader of Dark Order of the Sith. He runs the clan and delegates tasks for other members to handle. The current leader of the Sith Council is DaBigestBob.

Other notes about structure
We have three branches; The Sith Army, Imperial Navy and Royal Guard
Sith Army makes up the corps of the military
Imperial Navy is the elite best of the best
Royal Guard serves to protect Imperial interests
All of these branches contains its own personal ranking system
-Social Ranks reflect overall status in clan where as military ranks reflect strategic and skill status

We do have rules like most clans do, most of which is common sense so when in doubt think of the golden rule 'treat others how you wish to be treated. The irony is that even though we are Sith we have rules. To read a full set of rules go to our page and check under the articles.
[quote]What we have to offer:[/quote]
We offer a clan with a system of leadership,
Clan events throughout the entire week from big to small
Clan battles with other clans
A ranking system that has been planned out quite well
To feel like you are really part of the Sith Empire
To seek true power

Be adaptable and as always
Have fun

We are a fearless clan and any questions are willing to be answered. All you have to do is ask. All hail the Sith Empire! Hailith! 


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