Dark L3gion


This game is going to be a game to compete with in 2013. If you haven't checked out their website I would go check it out and get your EGO codes to unlock random things for the game. Guilds are building now for it on the Defiance community forums. If you are getting this game check the Dark L3gions out. We are rapidly growing everyday. 5+ applications posted a day to join and we are running out of spots quickly. So if you are a team based player ready for the next MMO to hit Xbox 360 then come apply. Chat with us on Xbox live get to know us and view our forums. 

darkl3gion.enjin.com is the website in which we are located. Hope to see yall all on launch day!

P.S -

Beta codes are given out every friday on the live stream on twitch.tv. Check out the Defiance forums to find the time. PC beta is this weekend and the third beta mission will be for Xbox/Ps3 Consoles'. Good luck!


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I don't think anyone wants to join a guild that can't spell "Legion" also it's interesting that none of the tags mention defiance or your guild so anyone searching for the topic probably won't be able to find it.

I find it amusing because it isn't easily apparent as to whether Dark L3gion or Defiance is the name of the game...

Im pretty sure they havent even announced whether the third beta would be for consoles or not.

Meh, pass...