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So today I went to look up Skyrim and saw some Dark Elf pictures.....and they look stupid. That may be my opinion but to me the female Dark Elves look like female Orcs. Male Dark Elves to me look like they just rubbed there face in dirt. So what are your thoughts about the Dark Elf pictures? Also I hope they have a good voice actor for the Dark Elves. In Morrowind they sounded cool but in Oblivion sounded to nice. P.S. Take a look at this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=464D4MtxjCc

 That's how a Dark Elf should sound.


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I've always been a High Elf fan myself. But compared to the previous titles, everyone got a huge makeover. I think the Dark Elves look beter thanever. You'll get used to them.

I hope you're right. Still they look awful to me and im not wanting Skyrim as much. In fact I don't even like the way any character looks like exept Argonian.

I'm disappointed about the Bretons, but other than that I'm thrilled!

Nord first, maybe a Khajiit after that. Can't wait!

All races look much improved, much more detail.  Don't forget you can customize the look most likely these pictures are of standard looks not customized versions.