dark brotherhood question

I'm about to join, but I don't know if it will make me unable to join the stormcloaks or imperials as well. Will it have an effect on anything (future quests) if I join or should I join and then revert back to an older save?



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it wont affect any of your other relations with other factions. they wont know you are in the dark brotherhood, so why would it?

I wasn't sure, thanks.


Well , there are some missions where the target is in a fort (imperial/stormcloak) so the best way is complete that missions when the forts are occupied by bandits instead of imperial/stormcloak because if you are a imperial you will have problem if the target is in a stormcloak fort ..and viceversa but not a big deal at all because the objective is to kill the target or beat the imperial/stormcloak depending who you joined.

I'm an imperial and the dark brotherhood quests didn't harm my relations with the empire at all.

It's best IMO to leave the dark Brotherhood quests to late because some of the rewards are levelled.

It won'y affect anything. But from a role playing viewpoint, I would suggest joining the Stormcloaks. Won't say why, and it is not mandatory, but it just seems to make more sense that way.