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Um... so...no DA:O forum so i guess this goes here.... anyways just got ultimate collection and installed the DLC I already owned origins but i got the collection since it was cheaper then buying all DLC. My question is should i trade in ultimate collection or just origins? ultimate collection will obviously have more trade in value but is there any reason to hang onto it?


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Personally I would keep the Ultimate collection and get rid of Orgins. May not get as much but it would be nice to have the DLC on disc in case something happened to your HDD in the future or needed to delete the DLC to make room or space.

yeah definately get rid of origins because on ultimate there is so much DLC that it'd fill so much space up, plus it has EVERYTHING on disc :D

blasted smart thing to do i like money ; ;

I'll buy anything that is called "Ultimate."

Hold on to DAO Ultimate. You never know when you might want to reinstall without having to download all that nonsense again.

Id keep your ultimate collection, and trade Origins mate.  I have just started a new playthru of Origins, after almost a year.  Things like Marriks Blade, Duncans Sword, Olaf's Cheese Knife, are just so cool, and the first weapon upgrades I go in search of after Lothering.  Also, its really cool being able to armour equip my partyagain with the best of my loot.. Once you replay, you would regret not having the dlc imo, if you traded it in.





Heres a link to the 'new' origins forum.