dante/wesker - handgun/teleport cheapness




 I'm just wondering, why on earth is it that EVERYONE I encounter online always does the same cheap technique with  wesker just shooting the cheap handgun and then teleporting into an endless combo. The same with dante, teleporting with the dropping sword and an endless combo.
 These two characters are so annoying with their cheap handguns, and the worst thing is that there's an army of them out there.


 Even though I've managed to find my way around this cheap glitch, I still get caught sometimes and It just bothers me when I lose to someone who plays like this.  I am not bothered when I lose to someone with capt. america or Iron man, because you know they have applied skill.

List of annoyingly cheap characters:

1- Wesker (cheap handgun otg and teleport)
2- Dante (cheap teleport with dropping sword, and annoyingly long combo)

3- Amaterasu (everyone does the same combo)

 List of not so annoying but still annoying characters:

4- Akuma (unbeatable tatsumaki sempuyaku)
5- Taskmaster (annoying endless air combo with the mighty swing thing)
6- zero (everyone does the same combo)


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You'll find they're doing it because everyone spends their time complaining about how "cheap" it is instead of finding a way to counter it. These are the same people who demand their opponents play in such a way that plays to their (the complainer) strengths rather than exploiting their weaknesses.

I also find it hilarious that you've got Wesker listed because of his handgun OTG but don't have Iron Man listed for his smart bombs OTG, Hulk for his Gamma Tsunami and Gamma Wave OTGs or any other character with OTG moves.

My dear friend, if you read carefully, I specified that I indeed found a way around this cheap glitch. It seems perhaps that you are part of  this dante/wesker handgun/teleport  army??

 OTG's aren't cheap, they're actually pretty cool and add depth to the game combo system. The problem is when you play 10 matches online, and 9 out of 10 the other guy is using this same strategy with dante & wesker.

Even IF you find an effective way around this, it seems that this is the ONLY move everyone knows, like if wesker didn't have any other combos. It's almost like they are the only two characters in the game, and doing this cheap handgun/teleport strategy is the ONLY way to play.

  Go online right now, and play through at least 5 matches and watch if you don't get  at least 3 guys dante/wesker-ing.

btw, thanks for the posting your opinion.

And to everyone else, List your most annoying characters or strategies.      :)

I use Wolverine/Ryu/Dante. I use the teleport when I think someone's going to try and play keep away but apart from that I don't bother because it's unsafe if used repeatedly. If people are using it all the time and you know the counter take full advantage. I mostly use Dante for the Jam Session move so I can another launch in a combo.

well that's nice to read, at least your not using them BOTH. lol

It's a nice strategy, and a sure-fire hit that your going to win.  

It isn't really.


Wolverine's health is below average and I've next to no options to get inside if I get pinned down at distance. All I've got is the dive kick and that can easily be nullified with a decent assist.


Ryu also suffers from the distance issue, granted I can use hadoukens but a lot of the beam moves go right through it hitting me so fireball wars are out. My only option from range is using a Shinku-Hadouken either in the air or on the ground and then dashing in as fast as I can and even that can go badly wrong. I'm essentially burning meter on a 50-50 shot. Doesn't have all that many options combo wise either especially off of launches.


Dante's got options for fighting at range and for getting inside but there's not a whole lot I can use as cover to get me there safely. Also if he dies that's my OTG into relaunch for the other two characters gone. The teleport is good for putting the fear of god into my opponent though, I find even using it just the once against someone who is turtling and hitting a reasonably good sized combo on them is enough to stop them turtling.

They're playing for the win and aren't afraid to take it.

How did you come to the conclusion that these techniques are a glitch?

I rarely use either character, and occationally get blown up by them(especially lvl 3 xfactor Wesker), but its certainly not because theyre glitching. Its called getting out played. It happens to everyone sometimes.

All that being said, I do use 4, 5, and 6 on your list so youd probably hate playing me.



I hate playing dante & wesker mostly,  beacuse they are annoying and secondly because even though they are probably the two most powerful and well-balanced characters in the game, most ppl I meet online keep recurring to the same cheap techniques to just get a win. Don't bother to learn the character, just learn the teleport and that will get you cheap wins.

Wesker's attacks feel like they have higher priority & hit detection than other's attacks, his hypercombo (maximum wesker) catches you ANYWHERE on the screen and gives you less than a second to block.

Dante's teleport w the falling sword is probably the most cheap technique someone could use to win, it feels like a glitch because its so easy to do and such a powerful move, i've been beaten by people doing exclusively this,  (of course until I got the hang of it)

To answer your question of HOW did I come to this conclusion,  READ  What IS  a glitch??  _ read ->    


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