Damn Modders!

Am i the only person thats noticing theres a flood of modders on GTA  lately i mean come on invinciable cars and people spawning in cars right next to me and blowing me up with C4 seriously i expected this from Call Of Duty but GTA ahh come on is nothing sacred.


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modders have been getting bad i agree on xbox live. I dont play gta4 much anymore due to it.. But yes i know, I agree with 100%.  Couple days ago i was on it, And i must of shot this guy/girl atleast 100 times and they did not die, yet they can kill me.. I am so annoyed with the game play on xbox live, For COD games and also gta games.. so pathetic how people can cheat... Yeah they are smart to do to it, But C"mon on xbox live going against real people is just wrong... It's like a guy/girl cheating on there spouse thinking they wont get caught... but they will. Hopefully...

Modding is actually not that difficult. If you read an sort of modding forum out there, you would see how easy it is. I agree; modding has gotten out of hand but IMO Microsfot and the XBL PET Team won't do much to enforce it. Plus, people can easily make another account and unban their consoles. What you should do is start palying in private matches with your friends or stay out of game lobbies with Friendly Fire: "ON". This is where you will find most modders nowadays. If that don't work, change up your preferences; most modders today are not found in Friendly Fire: OFF games nor Cops: ON games.