DAMN DAMAGED DOWNLOAD!!! (SPOILER) the game that REALLY REALLY doesnt want you to play it!

ive just got the part where you catch up with 'ol hugo and start giving him an ickle tickle with your fists and then...... up sprouts DAMAGED DOWNLOAD DETECTED!!  what i dont understand is, i havnt downloaded the catwoman dlc or any other for that matter. this is really annoying me coz to begin with i had to keep restarting the game coz it said that my game saves were corrupt and now this! come on rocksteady sort it out!! didnt think it was possible to make an amazing game so utterly crap to play. its ruining how i feel about the game! does anyone have any ideas how i can bypass this? not that i should have to coz it shouldnt be happening in the first place. but i'd be greatful for any help thanks


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it seems the people having problems are the ones that do not do the download.

you must be coming to the switching character point and because it doesn`t detect the dlc it gives you an error.

Maybe your hard drive is screwed up.

cheers peep. really dont know what to do, highly annoying!

Well I've had a similar problem, I had completed the main story and was 70% done with the side missions, booted the game up to play this morning and i got the damaged dlc error message, checked in my memory and it is showing my save as the corrupted file, so I have to start completely over if I want to continue playing.

no way dude! im 49% and i thought that was bad! i feel for ya. i cant find out whats corrupt on mine though

I was 7% done with the game then the infamous damaged dlc message appeared  I was upset

I have more of the same trouble. My xbox is connected to the internet. Before I started playing the game, it downloaded the dlc and then I put in the key for the Catwoman dlc and started the game. I got to the cut scene with Ivy and Catwoman, and I got the "download data corrupt" error. Well, my son's xbox is NOT connected to the internet, so his xbox doesn't have any of the dlc at all. He was playing it tonight and he got the "download data corrupt" error and nothing has been downloaded to his at all.

I have deleted all of the dlc, deleted my saved games and restarted and it does the same thing without the dlc installed at the cut scene when Joker comes behind Batman with the gas. So, does anybody have any idea what is going on since apparantly this has nothing to do with the dlc. Perhaps a bad run of discs? I don't know but it is very frustrating.

have you guys been missing with yr NAt because changing it all the time can hurt or mess with yr games. Just look at the Pros and Con's of yr system because  I dont change anything and my xbox  and is the second shipment when the xbox 360 first came out and I have not had any problems yet except battlefield 2 and 3 and thats trying to get into a server.

Was wondering when this would start being mentioned in here - a lot of other forums have been mentioning this DLC error - I don't have it, I have the other one at the moment the Black Screen Freeze game won't even boot. Have to restart my console and try again at the moment it's working after the 2nd time but fingers crossed as I've read other reports of it ending up not booting at all. This is a Xbox & PS3 problem