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Is anyone else having this problem. Seems like GTA IV has to update every time I load the game. I played yesterday and downloaded an update then I had to again today. This has been going on for months now. So is this an issue with anyone else?


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Teutonik X, have you cleared your cache recently? If so, you pretty much flushed out your memory (not to sure how cache works). Not the memory that saves your games, but the RAM memory? Anyways, when you clear cache, updates that were recently on your console need to be reloaded on there. If this is not the case, perhaps it is due to the constant modding community, and R* keeps creating more updates in their efforts to try and stop them. Or, probably because you haven't been on in a while, you have to update a lot.

To answer your question, I played GTA IV yesterday, and did not have to update.