Daily challenge stuck loading

I have been having an issue for a few days where all the individual games work, but when I try to click on the daily challenge square is just says loading for hours. It all started when I was in a daily challenge game and it froze and I closed out of it and tried to reload the game and it hasn't worked since. I have tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling, run all computer updates and app updates, disabled antivirus and synced app license.  Doesn't seem to have any problem signing into XBOX as my account name and avatar appear in the corner immediately upon opening the game. Any ideas?


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This is a really interesting issue and one I haven't encountered yet. When you say you closed out of the application, did you use the Task Manager or just normally closed the app by dragging it down to the bottom of your screen & waiting for it to flip? Also when you uninstalled, did you do so from the Start menu?

What device are you using? PC, Phone, etc?  The more info you give me, the better I'll be able to help you.  Thanks! :)

I used the task manager to close the program by using alt+ctrl+del and end task. Whenever I try to go to daily challenges it gets stuck on the loading again and I repeat the alt+ctrl+del/end task process. I am using a toshiba laptop.  When I uninstalled the app I just go to the startup screen and right click the tile and select uninstall.  Then restarted my computer, then went back into the store and found the app again (where it says I already own it so I can install).

I'm going to have to do a little more research on this issue and may need to ask you for additional information. Thanks! :)