daily challenge progress broken?

 For January, I have gotten all three medals every day so far, but the Calendar view shows me as being 0/3 for every day except for the 1st and the 31st (!!!) where I show as getting the daily medal bonus. This makes no sense.


Also, if I view Monthly Prize History, it shows me as having no prizes (I also 3/3d every day in December) and also lists October then November then December then December again. O_o

I work at MS and can bring the device over if interesting.


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Thanks for reporting this, and sorry for the problem. This may be an error that we already fixed, and is only affecting older versions of the game. Can you please check to see if there is an update for your version of the game? Here's how:

Go to the Windows 8 start screen by pressing the windows key on your keyboard, or pressing the windows button on your tablet.

Tap the green Store tile. If you can't find it, you can type the word "Store" on your keyboard to bring it up.

In the Store, tap the green text in the upper-right corner that says "Updates". This appears whenever any of your apps have updates available. If you don't see it there, all of your apps (including this one) are already up-to-date.

On the App updates screen, tap "install" at the bottom to install all of your available updates. If the game appears in the list, then there is an update for the game available, and you'll need to tap this game's update listing to get it.

We also have an update planned for mid-March to address some new issues, so keep an eye out for that update too. Thanks for playing!

so after closing Taptiles and reopening it 3 times, the data is back now.  Not sure why that would happen.

Something happened for february.... got the gold but when you go to medals awarded it says "no medals". tried to go back and play the challenges again but they were already "won" and no extra points awarded... HELP!!!

I am using taptiles on my surface RT and just finished the gold medal for January 2013 on 1/28.  On 1/29 I played another daily challenge and was awarded no new points (above the 10000 needed for gold).  Today on 1/30 I went into the game and it shows 0 points for January 2013 and no medals awarded on the awards tiles, however when I go into the daily challenges and look at the prize history it shows gold awarded.  

For a game that requires an achievement to play every month for a year getting gold, there had better be an infallible way of making sure the data isn't removed like that.