Daily Challenge ideas

I know this isn't the place for it, but it's not as if I posted this on Bungie's website, they would listen....

After reading a few of the more recent post here about people more worried about their K/D than getting the objective, I think there should be some daily challenges such as..

Score the flag... you personally, not ure team...

Plant the bomb.. you.. not ure team

Hold the Odd ball the longest

Win a game of Head Hunter in Rumble Pit

Win a game of King of the hill in Rumble Pit

Score 4 flags in one game of stockpile

Have the highest ball carry time on the winning team in a game of Swat potato

Win a race.. ure team in Multi team is fine..

Get 5 kills as the Juggernaut.. .. game type doesn't come up enough to say win.. so a few people can get the challenge in one game.

Each day they have a challenge of get so many kills...  They can have a challenge of kill so many flag carriers, ball carriers, etc.. for each day that week


That would cover atleast 3 days of challenges


Also a weekly challenge of win _____ objective games in a week would be nice..

I like my slayers and swat and all, but  when objective games are picked, not enough people try for the objective... this would be a great week of challenges just to make people actually play the game.


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I was just thinking this the other day. Would be a great addition to challenges and objective games themselves. I get so tired of half of my team not even trying to score the flag or plant the bomb etc. 


The only downside I can see with this is some people might take it too seriously and betray etc. so they can be the ones to score the flag or whatever. But overall I think this is a good idea.

As already said, betraying would definitely be a factor with objective challenges.

Also lots of raging (more than normal). Who says if a man dies carrying a flag that another can pick it up and walk two feet to finish his challenge? I'm betting Bungie thought of these beforehand and merely decided to set them aside. Commendations could definitely be made in their place. Just set the number based off of stats recorded and it could add a whole new experience.

Yeah, I'd like to see objective commendations. That'd spark a little more play.

I thought about the betrayals.. I know people would... hopefully the boot works right for that week... u know u would boot the person then... they can't get the challenge if they aren't there

Can we have less upload to bungie.net challenges?

everytime they ask u to upload a file share, I just delete & upload the same file share each time... stupid challenge...

1000 MM kills is a pretty stupid challenge also.. way to easy... should be like 10,000 kills in any game mode