Daily Challenge Coins Missing and Calendar Clitch!

I have completed all of the daily challenges so far, however, the other day my coins disappeared and now when I go to my calendar on some of my days come up as complete. I was going to just replay and re earn the coins but I can't. When I go to any of the days that say 0/5 it comes up with each game as a checked mark as done. I still tried to replay to earn the coins but it says the coins were already earned. My coins are gone, as well as my bronze achievement. I don't know how to get them back. I've talked to 2 live support persons through Xbox and they say it looks fine on their end and even tried to reset it for me but were unsuccessful. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? It's very frustrating! Please Help



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I am having the same problem. Had the problem in december, but then the coins miraculously reappeared. My suggestion to You, wait a few days and hope the best. It is quite frustrating that this happens. I bought a product (win 8) and i must say I am sometimes really disappointed that they havent tested and thought things through, before taking the product to end-users. I understand development and apps take time to modify and programs have a few bugs in them, but seriously - this  product was far from ready. I have always been a win user, but since quality is sth i value - I believe I have to change my habit.


I'm having the same problem - very frustrating that my silver medal disappeared...

I've also completed the challenges so far but my coin count is frozen at 17000. Even after completing more the count doesn't change.

I just started experiencing the same thing.  My calendar shows as having none of the day's challenges as being completed.  When I go into a day that I know I've already completed, the blue check marks are display for the game as completed.  If you try to replay the game, the stats tell me that the coins are already earned.  I completed today's challenge I received 100 coins for the game and 250 coin for finishing the challenge and now I'm down to 350 and my silver medal is gone.

its really annoying. I was hoping that my silver medal would re-appear after a few days as some one suggested, but no such luck.  Surely they must know by now that there is something wrong with this program.

1st March 2013 Free Cell Challenges not update even after completion of the Challenge.

I have a screen shot do not know how to upload or download.



having the same problem as everyone else and all my points and progress disappear! Sometimes it affects solitaire for me and sometimes majong....... Please fix!!!!!!!!

I have the same problem plus one.

On my calendar March 2nd and 3rd show up as 0/5 and when I click on the date I can see that I have all ribbons.

Also I have cleared a 100 boards of Pyramid and I still do not have the Golden Pharao medal ( I can show Screen shots if necessary.

My analysis is that there is a bug in the client that allows such corrupted data to take place and the data are also corrupted in the data storage on the server side since when I connect with the Surface tablet, the data are the same

Excellent Post. I was at 16,250 after 22 days and the same problem happened to my game. I lost credit for all challenges and was reset to 750 for completing challenge on day 23. Sometimes I sign in and get a dc error and then I exit and resign in but points on the lower box are still incorrect. Hope an update fixes this problem...

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