Daily Challenge Coins Missing and Calendar Clitch!

I have completed all of the daily challenges so far, however, the other day my coins disappeared and now when I go to my calendar on some of my days come up as complete. I was going to just replay and re earn the coins but I can't. When I go to any of the days that say 0/5 it comes up with each game as a checked mark as done. I still tried to replay to earn the coins but it says the coins were already earned. My coins are gone, as well as my bronze achievement. I don't know how to get them back. I've talked to 2 live support persons through Xbox and they say it looks fine on their end and even tried to reset it for me but were unsuccessful. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? It's very frustrating! Please Help



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I feel Arkadium has solved the Missing Points problem of Daily Solitaire Challenge after their 27 March update. What has already been lost is not being restored but no further glitches AND you can play the earlier games again. I did on 28 to 30 March to regain my lost coins & Badges. However, you cannot play the March Challenges in April.

On the two days in April there has been no problem - as yet - and I have got 1850 coins (900+950) and am keeping my fingers crossed. I do believe there will be no further errors.

No, I'm not.  And now I can't go back to redo March for solitaire.,  And all my January ones are missing too.  Majhongg works great, but solitaire....I have done all the updates and it seems like every time you do an update for solitaire, all the points go missing.

After the 27 March update Solitaire Daily Challenge is working fine. Was able to replay the earlier lost 60 challenges from 1 to 12 March. Have completed all challenges in March (31 days) with 23050 points and gold badge. But I think the points are 100 or 200 less than it should have been.

seems to be fixed all progress did not return but at least I was able to do them again

Hi all,

There was a recent update to this game a few days back. After applying that update, are you seeing the correct coins and completed calendar challenges/ribbons showing in your game? Let us know. Thanks!

Hey. Just realised I should be having 19950 points and not 19850. But the score shows 19850 ?????

28 days @ 750 = 21,000 points. Less 1050 (for three games & bonus points) makes it 19950. Arkadium - am I right?

100 points are MISSING!!!!!!!

And now upto 19850 including the 750 points for 28 March. Only 3 games remain of the old games. Appear to be stuck. Forgot how I had completed them earlier - one each of 1, 5 & 12 March. ust take a break & start afresh in the morning. Solitaiare Collection is fun - when it works. Am sure Arkadium will ensure it stays in 'working condtion'.

Phew. Almost caught up. Of the 135 games till 27 March have completed all but 4. Stand at 18750 & will take a breather now before i start again to finish 4 of the back log - those that had already been completed earlier but had losts points suddenly.

Must thank Arkadium again. Feel relieved

Guys, Arkadium posted an UPDATE yesterday. Install it. I did and the ptoblem was solved. Played the lost games AGAIN and have now got my GOLD BADGE/MEDAL . And I still have 9 of my "solved" old games to play and have touched 18,000 points.


Am happy to state that Arkadium has FINALLY resolved the problem of missing points / badges. They did it yesterday and  I was thrilled that thpough I had lost 9000 points and Bronze Badges (thrice) this month, I could atleast play the earlier games of the month AGAIN. Have just done so and earned my GOLD BADGE. Wow.

Arkaduim deserves our compliments - even if we had to wake them up from their deep slumber.


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