Daedric Gore is recruiting, 125+ members and Guild Trader!

Dear Xbox members,

through this thread i invite all of you to join our guild, Daedric Gore, we are a long lasting family of gamers that came over to Tamriel to start our grand adventure, when we started the guild we opend it up so we can experience this epic journey with as many players as possible.

At the moment of writing we have 131 members, and we have a guild trader up, every member can sale there wares through our guild store, so as to make some coin for yourself!

Join us as we build our own economy through trade, and as we explore every aspect of the game while having fun!

We like to PvE - Explore, World events, World bosses etc, Dungeons - Normal, Veteran and Trials and also we enjoy the occasional PvP. as we try to claim keeps in Cyrodiil.

We just launched a guild site, daedricgore.shivtr.com where you can also apply for membership.

Interested? send me a PM or leave a comment here.

Duro NL
Daedric Gore


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i would like to join if you are in the NA server

GT: fatboychron

Should've mentioned, sorry about that, we are in EU server!


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