Dadsofgaming are playing Vegas 2

Lots of us are kicking it in vegas 1 and 2 ATM so if you sick of the rest then stop by for some - 





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Just to let you know, the link you posted is dead(mistyped) and do I have to register just to learn more about dads of gaming.

Bastados letting the side down!!  Fail!!! is the correct link, for some reason the one bast posted contained an extra %20 .... not sure why.

In response to you wanting to learn what dadsofgaming are, here's a little snippet of an explination from our founding members :

"DoG was created by 3 fathers who wanted to enjoy their online experience. We wanted a place were guys could get together with other like-minded gamers and setup online games without the foul-mouthed "Timmies" we've all come to know so well. We wanted a place where we could share our tough times and our accomplishments as fathers, but we also wanted to talk gaming and other BS

That was our original intention when DoG launched in March of 2007. It turned into much more than we could have imagined. We've grown into an awesome community of guys, some fathers, and some not, who like to game for the fun of it. We're not a clan, and our skill levels range from absolute beginner to pro....well almost pro. Well...I'm pro. (Pro BSer) lol.

The best way I've found to describe Dads of Gaming is it's like hanging out on a Friday night at a bar with 50 of your best friends.

Though the name is Dads of Gaming, being a dad is not a requirement. We just ask that you're a guy that likes to have fun with games, and don't take them too seriously. We don't have an age requirement, DoG is more about attitude than a number, but we do find that typically 25+ fit in best here.

Again, welcome to DoG. Come on in, the beer's in the fridge. Grab a cold one, kick back and let the games begin."