D3-looking to start/join a team, clan type thing maybe?

Hello i play a lot of diablo 3 for xbox360, almost have all the achievements need one more the diablo triumphs to have them all complete. I play diablo 3 almost religiously have several books on the story and games!  I play online multiplayer games almost daily for the console xbox360 but i can't play video games 24/7 wish i could but need some other life besides sitting on my A.  looking for legit crew of people and like minded gamers who want to chill and kill!  loot, trade, craft, brawl etc...    

I can search random dungeons for days by myself to find items that are half worth it in the long run.  playing with people helps i believe and would appreciate some more friends to do so more often.  my characters are not the greatest i have two lvl 60 normal classes my main monk and my barb at the moment.  i want to have 2 of each class but it will take some time half hardcore and half normal most of my characters are at the 20 marker.  

i like to game with people who have a mic,  I'm a college student or whatever so mature people 21 plus if you can help it 18 lowest nothing personal just don't like to play with younger people especially squeakers!

I'm from the U.S. so there might be a time difference no big deal for me but i might not be as talkative  at night people try to sleep i try to be nice and quiet but will still stay up and game if i feel like it! i like to chat though i have a lot more to say but lets just play send a friends request and a message to let me know whats up


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sounds alot like my game style. i like to search everything and everywhere even though most of the stuff i find isnt half as good as what i have. i mainly play as demon hunter lvl 60 lvl 13 paragon. but i do have a lvl 60 wizard with junk gear. can't seem to find anything good for him. i currently play on master 2 or master 3. i also have a mic but however usually don't speak unless spoken to. nothing personal, just don't like to talk.

I'm onboard, when I'm on. I'm not a hardcore player but when I do get on D3 I like to search everything and would like to play with a dedicated team. Trading, brawling, farming...etc. Lol, I don't talk much either unless I have something to say or spoken to but I do have a mic.

paragon lvl 46 wizard looking for group working on power leveling - send me an invite lets get to 100