Cutscene aspect ratios

This is a bit of nitpicking, but letterboxed cutscenes really annoy me on games.

The HD standard for games and TV is the 1.78:1 ratio, why do some devs like to go against this in their games? 2.35:1 and similar ratios don't make it more "cinematic". The game isn't being released on the big screen.


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Likely because many people are still playing on SD televisions, so they are trying to make the scenes look good for them as well.

I like that though.

I didn't like in Alan Wake, but then graphically that game was pretty horrible.

I loved the graphics in Alan Wake.

For me at times the movement in it felt like I was watching an old Thunderbirds Supermarionation episode. And the jump from game to cutscene was kind of jarring with the difference in graphics.

I guess it really didn't help that I played it right after Enslaved.

I thought the animation in Alan Wake was terrible and as soon as the game left the spooky woods the background quality dropped considerably to something that even a daytime soap would feel ashamed using.