Cutoff Quest Before Games Ends

I finally got this game yesterday & from what I understand it has a definitive ending. So, I was wondering if someone could tell me what the name of the cutoff quest was that leads to the end of the game. I want to do as much as possible (including DLCs if I like the game 1/2 as much as I loved FO3) before I complete the game.

I don't want spoilers (if avoidable), I just want to know the name of the quest so I can simply ignore it until I'm ready. Cheers!!


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You get a warning at the point of no return

Like the other poster said there is a point of no return but if I remember correctly by the time you reach that point you've already locked in on an ending New Vegas has 4 possible endings to the main quest therefore there are 4 final quests that are possible. Also IIRC you can make some progress on each of these quests without canceling out the other ones but you can't finish all of them and by the time you reach the point of no return you've already locked in on one.


It's been awhile since I finished NV so I can't remember if all 4 quests are unlocked at the same time or separately.

There are four possible endings to the game, but, without giving spoilers, one of the endings (Quest is called "Wild Card") is always possible no matter what you work towards, I think anyway...