custom zombie map

it would be nice to be able to make your own zombie map, u can either make it free or cost a couple of microsoft pionts. And add what happens each level like how many zombies come and weather dogs or monkey can come or not. also u can make the map as big as u want set a limit but make sure its huge. and add settings like it can be on moon, jungle, city, building, farm, ect whatever but make sure they are good. and they can add water like swampy areas or ladders, stairs, ect. and they can add chairs couches perks counters ect. and one of the most important they can add doors and there price even with guns where they are and how much they cost make a limit. and they can add teleporters and transportation devices no matter what they are and what map. also they can be underground above ground or both.PLZ PLZ READ THIS XBOX THIS COULD MAKE U ALOT OF MONEY AND MAKE SURE U PUT THIS ON BLACK OPS


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Well aye lad sounds good let's get it done

...ok then.