Custom servers should be RATED

I don't know about most of you, but for me... I'm getting tired lately of being in a custom game match, and when I'm winning against it's owners, to be killed or kicked out for my slightly better than average performance, (i.e. I'm no where near being an awesome FPS player).

I propose, beg... NO, Demand that  a rating system would be put in place so people could rate custom servers, just as one can with player profile. This way maybe the admins will not abuse their power.

It doesn't even have to be anything complex, just something like a symbol or check box that says the server is being fair to its visitor, and maybe a percentage.

I really don't mind playing on custom server and adjusting and playing by their rules, but I'm sure I can't be the only one... ( A good search on Youtube turns a nice amount of videos showing this happening to players), in which we are killed or kick for just being good. Because of this recent abuse of power, I now tend to stay away from custom servers, but find it hard to find an offical EA server with a decent amount of people on it.

Just my two cents, and wishful thinking.


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Its a terrible idea. The BF3 community(if it can be called that) is the worst of any game. Server would get flamed for other players killing yas.

You wanna play on a server without getting booted??? Rent one.

Yeah, good idea!

Yeah,I been kicked sooo many times just for winning.Good idea!

I'll give most of them a rating of D, for the douchebags that play on them.

Community rating for servers is an awesome idea!

Thank you for this. I'll be checking it out.

Quite a few users are wanting this to be introduced. So they've been keeping a list of community approved servers here-

Community Approved Servers