Custom Pose program?

Hello there, XBox players, I was wondering, can I make a custom pose in the online game or a downloadable program? (not the figure customizer, not fathead creator, just a program) Some more like he's running, holding a sword, anything else? If you found one, comment.

Would be fun.


If you ask about the "holding a sword" in here, well, the models can be used too but I don't want to make an purchaseable thing worthing 340 points. I would make a movie, GIF animation, and/or something.


Really bored didn't even know what to write so that's why my grammar wasn't that good, and that makes everyone do not understand what kind of the topic was. I'm sorry.


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you want your avatar to have a custom pose ? you can't make custom poses

There are movements you can get for your Avatar that takes the place of your prop, this is how you see people with there gamer pic of thier avatar and the avatar is doing like a spin kick or the like.  Customizable program like you're asking about[?] sounds a bit sketchy ie. TOS.

Erm... nevershoutjr, you didn't get it. I mean the program that makes animations using the avatar models but you'll have to type the gamerpics, also you can do multiple avatars. Just like the MikuMikuDance. Remember this thing that you can do the dancing anime people?

Oops I mean't Gamertags. Sorry.

Nevermind, there's some XNA and DigitalRune engine programs.