curses I'm cursed in the depths - help

How do I get un-cursed ?


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Check your inventory first to make sure you didn't already pick up a purging stone somewhere.  Otherwise, you can buy one from the Undead Merchant (6000 souls) in the sewer pipes that connect to the Firelink, or from the dude who appears under the bell tower by the Gargoyles (3000 souls).      

damn - no stone - so i'll have to grind my way to 3k souls again. that dude appears back the firelink shrine i think.

thanks for the tip

If you grab the Ring of the Evil Eye in the sewers, it really helps you when you're cursed.  It gives you a bit of HP for every enemy you kill.  Also, if you found the Server sword, it gives you a small shot of HP each tim you even hit someone.  Keeps your health topped up, so as long as you're not a mage getting one-shotted, it's pretty doable.  Being cursed is also a good time to try going down to New Londo and seeing if you can drain the water.  You have to be cursed to fight the ghosts.  They're pretty tough, but if you got a mix of ranged and melee attacks, give it a shot.

Thanks Basher. I think I have that ring of the Evil Eye, I'll try that. Yes - a good time to fight the ghosts, I tried much earlier in the game and got nowhere - now I know why. What is 'draining the water' is that the objective in New Londo?

Yes, in New londo, if you made it to the tower behind the building with all those ghost, theres a giant lever in there, you need a key to open it. I'll let you figure out where to get the key, its in new londo ruins though.  

That lever drains a lot of the water out of new londo, opening up a whole new area for you to explore, then you can find the boss..........But you need a special ring to fight that boss. And the game does NOT tell you this in any way, shape or form.

cool - this game just keeps on giving!! :)  many thanks

This franchise has always been so cryptic, letting people search for clues and figure out things (in a good way).  The community, both PS3 and now on Xbox, is always very solid.  Either system has a legion of people who will help out any way they can.

Off-Topic, but I went the New Londo way at the beginning of the game and actually got pretty far. The ghosts aren't that hard to fight, but they hit hard in groups.