Curse my life. I miss the Halo 2 ranking system, just not the cheating.

Sick of playing with retards and kids, and people without microphones. It's always lovely to play with people in private chat, so when you have something important to tell them regarding game play, they can't hear you. I know I can play in Arena, but that's like the only place I can find people who have a similar skill set. Oh and team killing, I love that, especially when you get the power weapon and they  get so jealous, they betray you, lol. I'm taking this game too seriously. I betray team mates now, just for being stupid....


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play with friends then.

You betray teammates just 'for being stupid', you lose my respect.

Yea, seriously?  And also if someone betrays you to take your "power" weapon, that's why you boot em should the option appear.  They'll have to learn eventually, and so will you if all you can think to do is betray people "for being stupid".  That's really low, man.  If that's your attitude in a game, your rate will start dropping eventually nobody will wanna play with you.

Maybe team-based games are not for you if you are going to betray your mates for betraying you or for "being stupid."

Another suggestion i forgot to mention was you could also submit a player review avoiding those people.  Always a chance it might you connected to people who can play properly.  Though sometimes I have to wonder since I've sent tons myself because of people who quit games, and yet I'm still running into quitters nearly every day that I play.

It's been a while since I played, but I would think on average, all the people who are 'being stupid' would tend to crowd around the lower ranks.  Therefore if you play the game right and don't team kill, you should be able to work your way up the ranks and leave all the stupid people behind?

Except then you have the clowns who think they can do everything better than you can so they betray you for doing anything.


Certainly not defending the evil OP ([:P]),. but it doesn't get any better.

This guy decided to kill me for the sniper. I ran after him, killed him, and took my gun back. I empty the magazine and I get betrayed by him again, boot! [:D]


Sometimes you have to play dirty too, but not excessively. This is one of the only times I betrayed on purpose, so don't think I do it all the time.

Play with a to4. Searching singles is suicide.

You guys are right, obviously, team killing on my part is wrong. I'm a Field Marshall, and I still experience many people doing dumb stuff.  Had multiple bad games today....

One game, we played in Asylum. Small map, CTF, 4v4. My team mate grabbed the flag and I was watching his back with the sword. He killed me with the flag because he said I was going to betray him and score. There was no betrayals up to that point, but I just lost it and started betraying him the whole game. His 2 friends started to betray me as well. There was so much betrayal back and forth. I got lucky and banned one of them, and stopped betraying.

The next 2 bad games I had were invasion games. I constantly betrayed the person who was my respawn team mate in two separate games. The first, constantly waited around for power vehicles and did nothing else to help us defend. When the enemy picked up the core and were a few steps away from the final destination, I died and found this teammate standing around looking at us dying from far away, so I betrayed him again and got booted. And he was a reclaimer. The other invasion game in which I constantly betrayed my spawn mate, was because he was AFK. But not so much that he couldn't boot me. That was my last game before getting banned for 'quitting' and posting on this forum.

I hate myself for constantly playing this game in which I constantly get dumb team mates, who either stand around, don't help, or don't listen to advice.

But again, you guys are right, I should play with friends - add more friends.

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