I don't know what currency that is when ever I try to buy some tokens or credits, it looks like Euro could be English Pound?? How can I change it because my credit card wont go through buying in that currency.

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I get the same despite being in Canada. The following billing screen even shows the charge to be in pounds sterling. I haven't found any fix for this, I believe it's on Turn 10/MSFT to fix.

Have to keep an eye on it I guess, I got my Mclarean P1 now an its making me some sweet $$ on Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe.

There is a post under the support forums, as well as the CoD:Ghost forum that Canadian customers (myself included) are running into this issue when attempting to purchase via the game.  So far no answer anywhere but the fact that it happens on at least two games that we know of, I suspect the issue lies with MS not resolving Canada correctly for the currency conversion since this was never a problem on the 360.

how to change my currency? In the market all the products are in RUB, but I want to change it, how to do it?

Is your console region set to the correct region for where you live?  The marketplace on the console for XB1 is based on the console's regional settings.  You can also go to and ensure the regional settings are correct in there; however if you were to switch them I recommend reading the following article before doing so:

If all of those are set correctly, it may be something that needs to be reported to Microsoft to look into.